Monday, 24 May 2010

European Goal of the Season

Some of these aren't bad

Excuse the laziness of this post, but we've stumbled across a rather impressive selection of goals from a variety of European games. Definitely worth a watch if you find the time.

Personally, I'm struggling to pick a winner...


  1. Some absolute pearlers there, although I have a couple of changes:

    1. Ditch the Dempsey goal for the Davies One against Hamburg which was class.
    2. Ditch the Cohen one because it was Forest, and not really all that special.
    3. Replace Cohen with either the Zenden goal against Tottenham
    4. If it needs to be another token Championship goal, then Gallagher's against Palace and Waghorn's against Coventry were both better.

    It's pretty hard to pick a winner, but if Messi or Ronaldo had scored that Jutkiewicz goal then we'd be talking about it for years to come, a la Van Basten, especially considering the timing of the goal, the final scoreline, and what it meant for Hibs.

  2. I agree with your comments on the Jutkiewicz goal Jimmy C. It's an absolute cracker and the timing/scoreline makes it even better.

    I think Maynard's strike is stunning, as is Maicon's. I love the Huggel goal too because it combines so many great elements, and the pass Xavi does for the Messi goal is out of this world.

    It really is hard to pick a winner!

  3. Also where is Danny Rose's?

    Obviously it's hard to wittle so many down to a select few, but if you're going to resort to Forest submissions then expect to be criticised.

    It wasn't even their best goal this season! See Radoslaw Majeovski (Spelling??) at the start of the season for that.

  4. Some absolutely great strikes in there (defintely a few worldies) but I think I have to agree with Mr. Platt and go for the Huggel goal because of all the elements within it. What's more he plays for the mighty FC Basle!

    If you want to see the 'best-goal-that-almost-was-but-sadly-wasn't' follow the link to this video and it's roughly about 1:20 into it:

    Now THAT would have been a goal...

  5. The Majewski one was also a top strike – who let Forest score all these quality goals?!

    I’ll have to disagree on Rose though. A very clean hit no doubt, but it went straight down the middle of the goal and Almunia should have saved it.

    To add my own personal bias, I think Drogba’s goal against Bolton (where Deco chests it to Lampard, who then flicks it onto Drogba) was absolutely class, and not the type of goal you see every week.