Wednesday, 28 August 2013

CollinsBeans Big 2013/14 Fans Preview: Edition #4

With the season now well underway we’ve come to the final part of our fan previews for 2013/14. It may seem like our final fan is a bit lonely but really, given the crazy soap opera that was Blackburn Rivers last season we thought that they deserved a section all to themselves

Friday, 16 August 2013

CollinsBeans Big 2013/14 Fans Preview: Edition #3

With the Premier League kick off less than 24 hours away we are happy to bring you the third edition of our big fan previews. And while we feature a club newly arrived in the ‘promised land’ we also remember that some other leagues are already well under way. With that in mind come join us for previews from teams where, from promotions to relegations with several managers in between, there never seems to be a dull moment.    

CollinsBeans Big 2013/14 Fans Preview: Edition #2

From our first edition in London we travel northwards to the industrial heart of England and the North West. So join us as we delve into three more fans hopes and fears for the new season and our big season previews for the reigning champions and both the blue and red side of Merseyside.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

CollinsBeans Big 2013/14 Fans Preview: Edition #1

You’ve read your newspaper previews, heard what the ex-pro’s and esteemed pundits (as well as the not so esteemed ones) have to say, but with the 2013/14 season’s big Premier League big kick off now almost upon us, and the football league (and those up and down Britain’s footballing pyramid) campaigns already under way, it’s time to hear what the real supporters have to say. So join us over the next few days as CollinsBeans has looked into its address book and assembled a crack bunch of friends and experts to tell you just how the next 10 months ahead will pan out for their teams. These are the real people in the know so come and see what they have to say...